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5" Gas Vent Adjustable Length 125 - 422mm

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Adjustable pipe is available in 125 - 422mm size to ensure that an exact required vent length can be obtained. Distance to combustible materials: 50mm.

Adjustable length provides flexibility in the height or length of a vent run and allow for adjustment between two fixed points. Position the adjustable length over the top (male) of a straight length and adjust to the required dimension. Position the separate band towards end of the component and tighten the fixing.

Gas Vent lengths and fittings are available with the outer casing fabricated from galvanised steel. The flue liner is aluminium. Vertical seams are rolled and securely locked. The inner and outer casing are joined at one end only and a 6mm (1/4") air gap is incorporated: the inner liner is thus free to expand as the temperature changes in the vent.

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