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6" - 7" Top Hat Adapter

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Brilliant stove pipe to flex adaptor with a built in plate that fits to your register plate, this allows for the flue liner to be fitted first and your stove and stove pipe at a later date. Also known as a ‘Top hat adaptor’ this product is ideal for fitting stoves at a later date or allowing the existing stove to be removed once fitted for maintenance due to the sleeve built into the adaptor to allow the stove pipe to slide up in and down. Highly recommended on all installs.




Highly recommended

Easy to install

Full adjustment of stove pipe

Fits to register plate

Stove can be removed easily without disturbing the flue at a later date


Increasing adaptors also known as MR adaptors or connectors, connects a smaller diameter stove pipe to a larger diameter flexible flue liner usually by one diameter unless specified otherwise. For example if you had a stove with a 5” outlet and you were fitting a 6” flexible flue liner you would use this adaptor to connect the 5” stove pipe to the 6” flex.

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Dimensions / Specifications

Fuel Type:
Suitable for burning wood, smokeless fuel, oil, gas and other Hetas approved fuels
Warranty for 316 Stainless Steel:
1 Year
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