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Charlton Freestanding Stove

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  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
  • Charlton Freestanding Stove
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Charlton Freestanding Stove

• An efficient air purification system ensures that soot does not collect on the front or side glass, which can be easily removed and cleaned;
• A timeless and elegant fixture for the modern home;
• External air supply, the air from the outside is directly connected to the furnace, ensuring combustion;
• Keep heat for a long time, the best choice for house heating and insulation;
• Its clean lines suit any home while being both decorative and functional;
• The doors are reinforced with curves and fillet welds for longer usage;
• It fits perfectly into the space. The base raises the combustion chamber, adding lightness to the stove's design;
• The sleek curved glass door gives the stove a unique look, and the glass sides allow you to view the flame from multiple;
• In addition to being a stylish piece of furniture for the living room, it also has excellent burning properties;
• With the integrated automatics, you can effortlessly achieve clean, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion.

Our new Stove Gloves are not just another regular stove gloves. The outside part of the gloves is manufactured of highest quality technical fabrics easily resisting +500°C and sewn with Kevlar braided stainless steel thread. Inner lining is made of soft, very cosy-felling but durable furniture covering cloth.


Your stove must always be placed on a non-combustible material such as granite, slate, steel or glass. Always check the size of your stove before buying a hearth. If the heat from the stove doesn’t raise the temperature of the hearth above 100°C, the following measurements must be met:

• The hearth must extend at least 300mm to the front and 150mm to either side;
• The full area of the hearth should be at least 840x840mm;
• It must be at least 12mm thick.

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Dimensions / Specifications

Front distance to combustibles:
Side distance to combustibles:
Back distance to combustibles:
Front distance to combustibles (with insulated pipe):
Nominal Heat Output:
4.8 kW
Energy Efficiency:
PM at 13% O2:
39 mg/m3
OGC at 13% O2:
115 mg/m3
CO at 13% O2:
1089 mg/m3
NoX at 13% O2:
104 mg/m3
Mean Flue Gas Temperature:
Flue gas temperature at nominal heat output:
262 °C
Flue Gas Mass Flow:
5.3 g/s
Indirect Heating Functionality:
Energy Index:
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