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Constant pressure regulation incl. XTP-sensor TPFEBC10V2

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  • Constant pressure regulation incl. XTP-sensor TPFEBC10V2
  • Constant pressure regulation incl. XTP-sensor TPFEBC10V2
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TPFEBC10V2 – For single boiler systems and other installations with a single heat source. Automatic disconnection of boiler in case of insufficient draught. Possibility of adjustable pre-run and post-run, manual reset and pressostat check.

The TPFEBC10-Automatic is an automatic control with a pressure transducer (TPFXZENSE-PRES) for one boiler or other installations with one heat source. With the help of the TPFXZENSE-PRES sensor, which is installed in the chimney, the constant pressure is monitored and maintained by regulating the speed of the chimney fan. The control has input and output for one boiler. The TPFEBC10 automatic also offers the possibility of an external entry point for a pressure switch or alarm sensor as well as the possibility of an alarm exit point for example for a building management system.

When the boiler or the heating system starts, a signal is sent to the EBC10 which starts the chimney fan at full speed. When the control receives the signal that the desired chimney vacuum has been reached, a signal is sent to start the boiler’s burner. The necessary chimney draft is therefore always guaranteed when you start the boiler, thereby the best and most economical operating conditions are ensured. If the chimney draft falls below the required level, the speed of the chimney fan is regulated until the required chimney draft is reached.

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