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Control System with Speed Control and Temperature Sensor, max. 1.2A

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  • Control System with Speed Control and Temperature Sensor, max. 1.2A
  • Control System with Speed Control and Temperature Sensor, max. 1.2A
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The TPFEFC18 is a manual nine-step speed regulator with an integrated automatic START/STOP for the exodraft chimney fan. It also features a boost function, to make lighting the fire easier. The TPFEFC18 controller comes with a temperature sensor to be fitted under the fan.

The TPFEFC18 controller switches the chimney fan on with a simple press of a button on the control panel. To ensure sufficient up-draught when lighting the fire, the fan will run at full speed for seven minutes unless turned down manually. After the start up period the fan will modulate down to the speed it was running the last time it was in operation. When re-stoking the fire, press the operating button once. The TPFEFC18 control will then run the fan in boost mode for three minutes so no smoke or dust will escape into the room.

The TPFEFC18 temperature sensor, which is installed under the chimney fan, registers falling temperature. As the fire dies out and the flue temperature drops, the controller will (at a preset temperature of 20, 40 or 80 °C) run the fan for 45 minutes before stopping it. This ensures that all the material in the fire has combusted and also that the fan is automatically started if a chimney temperature above a set level is registered.

The fan speed can always be adjusted manually during operation, but the temperature sensor will prevent the fan from being turned off while the fire is still burning and thereby avoid damaging the fan motor and eliminate the risk of spillage. A TPFREP isolation switch must be fitted to the chimney when the TPFEFC18 control system is installed. The isolation switch must be installed by an authorised electrician.

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