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Stove Rope and Glue

Stove Rope and Glue

Stove rope is essential for creating a safe, airtight and fireproof seal around the door of your stove. While stove rope is highly heat resistant, as your multifuel or wood burning stove gets older, the wear and tear might damage it. When your stove rope deteriorates, air can begin to leak through the door seal and into the stove, meaning your fire can burn too fiercely. This reduces its efficiency and creates excess smoke.

No need to worry though - all you need is some stove rope and stove glue and you can fix your door seal up with no problems! Here at Trade Price Flues, we have excellent value for money on our stove rope, with packs available in various widths of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm at up to 50m in length. We also have kits containing stove rope and stove rope glue, so you can get your stove doors back into action in no time!