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Matt Black Gas Fire Air Tight Bottom Plate 100-150mm

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Our Gas Fire Air Tight Bottom Plate 100-150mm is for installations where you are using a flexible flue liner in a masonry chimney. It is used to seal the opening at the bottom of the chimney.  

Gas Fire Balanced Flue System is our new system designated for closed combustion chamber gas fired appliances.

Its concentric configuration creates a room sealed system evacuating fumes and delivering combustion air at the same time.

It allows for both vertical and horizontal installation as well as renovation of existing flues. The system boasts exceptionally good aesthetics making it perfect for living spaces. Available in shiny stainless steel and matt black.


Distance to combustible materials (in mm): 50

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Dimensions / Specifications

Fuel type:
Temperature class:
Material type:
Material thickness:
Mode of operation:
Maximum free end with locking bands:
Maximum distance between two wall brackets:
25 years
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