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Ventilated Capping Cowl

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Injection-moulded from tough, recyclable ABS thermoplastic, the C-Cap fits neatly over the chimney pot, where it is retained by galvanised steel spring wires. It can be fitted to any standard round of appropriate size and is light enough to allow several to easily be carried up the roof, where fitting to the pot takes a matter of seconds.


Many thousands of C-Caps are fitted throughout the UK, as far north as the Orkneys, and it is the only cowl for disused chimneys that guarantees 100% protection against rain, snow, debris and nesting birds. Pots need to be in sound condition. Any cracked pot should either be replaced or suitably strapped to allow insertion of the C-Cap retaining wires.


As recommended by The Energy Saving Trust, capping of disused chimneys is an important step in minimising heat loss from the home, while the C-Cap’s unique design allows continuous, trickle ventilation of the flue.


• Terracotta;
• Easy to install;
• Prevents rain and birds from causing damage to chimney shaft;
• Standard manufacturer’s warranty.

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Dimensions / Specifications

Material type:
ABS Thermoplastic
Fuel Type:
For use on a redundant / disused chimney only
Standard manufacturer’s warranty
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