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What Is a Fireplace Chimney Gather?

What Is a Fireplace Chimney Gather?

Have you got an open fireplace in your home? Are you thinking about installing a chimney flue liner? Then you’ll benefit from installing a fireplace chimney gather at the same time too. If you’re not sure what a chimney gather is, then keep reading and the Trade Price Flues team will tell you everything you need to know…

Fireplace chimney gather: a definition

So, what exactly is a chimney gather (also known as a flue gather)? Put simply, a chimney gather is a metal ‘hood’ which sits at the bottom of the chimney stack in what is sometimes called the chimney’s throat.

Named after its function, a chimney gather’s job is to gather the smoke and combustibles generated by an open fire, collecting them together and funnelling them up the chimney stack.

Chimney gathers work by creating a larger area for the flow of smoke and gases from the fire to accumulate and then escape up the chimney. With this larger surface area, smoke and combustibles from the fire are less likely to spill from the fireplace and drift out into your living space.

How are fireplace chimney gathers installed?

The way in which a fireplace chimney gather will be installed varies from fireplace to fireplace.

However, in general you’ll find that a gather is connected to the bottom of a flexible flue liner using a collar which is then tightened into place using butterfly screws.

In some fireplace installations, there will be a small lip or bevelled lintel upon which the chimney gather will sit - but, as we say, this varies from installation to installation.

In other installations, the mesh which surrounds the bottom of the chimney gather (if it has one), is ‘built into’ or skimmed into the fireplace, e.g. concreted with fire cement to secure the gather in place.

What size are fireplace chimney gathers?

Because fireplaces vary greatly, chimney gathers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Here at Trade Price Flues, we advertise our chimney gathers based on the diameter of the flue liner they are designed to connect to.

As such, our chimney gathers are available in the following sizes:

> 5-inch.

> 6-inch.

> 7-inch.

> 8-inch.

As fireplaces can be of varying heights and depths, chimney gathers come in a variety of shapes. Explore our range of chimney gathers, and you’ll find a mix of tall, slimline gathers, and broader, more shallow gathers.

What are fireplace chimney gathers made of?

Fireplace chimney gathers are typically made of stainless steel. This provides a solid, long-lasting construction which is resistant to the corrosive combustible elements that can be generated by an open fire.

Here at Trade Price Flues, our fireplace chimney gathers are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. This is an austenitic grade steel which includes molybdenum.

The addition of molybdenum means that our chimney gathers are highly-resistant to corrosion. That’s why we offer a 15-year warranty on our gathers.

What chimney gather is right for my fireplace?

If you have an open fireplace and will mostly be burning seasoned firewood or smokeless solid fuels, then you’ll find that a chimney gather made from 316-grade stainless steel will do the job.

At Trade Price Flues, all of our flue gathers are suitable for use with wood, smokeless fuel, oil, gas, and other HETAS-approved fuels.

What parts do you need to go with a fireplace chimney gather?

If you’re looking for a new chimney gather for your fireplace, then the chances are you’ll be needing a few other chimney essentials too.

Chimney gathers are typically used in conjunction with the following components:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and the exact components you’ll need to go with your gather will depend on your individual installation requirements.

How much do fireplace chimney gathers cost?

The exact price you’ll pay for a chimney gather will depend on the size and shape of gather that you require.

At Trade Price Flues our chimney gathers range in price from £101.07 to £209.17 including VAT (correct at the time of writing - October 2022).

The best chimney gathers UK

If you’re looking for the very best chimney gather for your fireplace, then look no further than Trade Price Flues!

Below, we’ve detailed some of our most popular chimney gathers to give you an idea of what’s available.

6” Gather 230 mm x 600 mm

Shop Now - 6” Gather 230 mm x 600 mm

Designed for use with six-inch diameter flexible flue liners, this chimney gather is made from 316-grade stainless steel and has an ‘easy-fit’ design, complete with a mesh. As we mentioned above, this mesh means the gather can be ‘skimmed’ into the fireplace, creating a smooth, seamless finish.

Like our other chimney gathers, this model features a 15-year warranty and is suitable for use with a wide range of fuels.

8” Gather 230 mm x 300 mm

Shop Now - 8” Gather 230 mm x 300 mm

Perfect for taller, narrower fireplaces, this eight-inch chimney gather is also designed for use with flexible flue liners.

As per our other chimney gathers, this model features an easy fit design, is suitable for use with a broad range of fuels and comes with a 15-year warranty thanks to its 316-grade stainless steel construction.

Where to buy fireplace chimney gathers UK

We hope you’ve found our guide to fireplace chimney gathers both useful and interesting. If you’re looking for a flue gather for your chimney project, then buy one from Trade Price Flues today.

Not only do we offer trade prices to the public, but we offer fast nationwide delivery (free for orders over £150) and try to maintain as large a stock as possible.

Shop chimney gathers at Trade Price Flues now

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