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How Much Does It Cost to Fit a Chimney Liner?

How Much Does It Cost to Fit a Chimney Liner?

What is the cost of fitting a chimney liner? If it’s the first time you’re doing this job in your home, or you haven’t replaced your liner in a while, then it can be hard to know what you should be paying. Keep reading and Trade Price Flues will tell you everything you need to know about the costs of fitting a new chimney liner…

How much does a chimney liner cost?

If you’re just here to find out what you should be paying for a chimney liner, then we’ll give you the answer straight away.

Depending on the type of liner you require you should expect to pay between £18 to £80 per metre (correct at the time of writing - March 2022).

If you’re not too sure what type of liner you require - and if you need more information about associated fitting costs etc, then keep reading…

Identify your chimney

First of all, you’ll want to identify what type of chimney you have.

If it’s already lined, then you can skip this step, as you’ll probably be replacing like for like.

If you don’t already have a flue liner, then you’ll just need to double check that you have a class 1 chimney.

Class 1 chimneys are traditional brick built chimney stacks which feature a cavity in the middle (the flue).

It’s this type of chimney which benefits from using a chimney liner, and is what we’ll cover in this article.

Guide - if you’re not too sure what type of chimney you have, read our guide to the different types of chimneys.

What parts do you require to line your chimney?

Before you start the job, you first need to work out exactly what parts you require to reline your chimney.

In many instances, it’ll be sufficient to buy a new liner.


But we advise that you should also look at other parts at the same time. For example, if you’re using a wood burning stove in your home, then check the stove pipe and make sure this is still in good condition.

Likewise, check the stove collar and the connection between the stove pipe and the existing liner (if you already have one in place).

It can also pay to visually inspect your chimney pot and bird guard from ground level. If they look obviously degraded, then you’ll want to replace these too.

Doing this before you start the job can help you avoid the annoying task of having to order extra parts halfway through the replacement of your current liner.

How much does it cost to fit a chimney liner yourself?

When it comes to fitting a chimney liner yourself, your main expenditure will be for the chimney liner itself. Although you may need to factor in additional expenses such as cherry picker hire if you require one to reach the top of your chimney.

The type of liner you choose will be determined by a factors such as:

> The diameter required.

> The length of the flue liner needed.

> The grade of flue liner.

Diameter of flue liner

One consideration that will influence the cost of your chimney liner, is the diameter that you require.

If you have an open fire, then you want to select a flue liner which has a diameter of no less than 200mm (7 inches).

If you are using a wood burning stove, then you will need to select a flue liner which is the same diameter as the stove pipe. For example, if your stove has a stove pipe which is 6 inches in diameter, then you’ll want to buy a flue liner which is 6 inches in diameter.

Likewise, if you have a gas or oil burning heating appliance, you’ll need to ensure that the diameter of the exhaust outlet is the same diameter as the flue liner you purchase.

Guide - for more information on the diameters of flue liners, read our chimney liner sizing guide.

Length of flue liner

You’d be surprised how often this is overlooked, but it’s important that you select a flue liner that’s actually long enough to stretch the entire length of your chimney!

We recommend that you always err on the side of caution and purchase a flue liner which is a bit longer than your chimney. You can then cut it down to fit. 

It’s against the Building Regulations to join two chimney liners together, so it’s always better to buy a liner that’s too long, rather than trying to join two shorter ones together.

Here at Trade Price Flues, you can select your chimney liner in a wide range of length options, from 5 metres all the way up to 20 metres.

Grade of flue liner

The final consideration that will affect the price of your flue liner is the grade.

There are two main grades of flue liner:

> 904 grade - for open fireplaces or stoves burning wood, coal or other solid fuels.

> 316 grade - for heating appliances that use gas or oil.

316 grade liners are generally cheaper than 904 grade liners. This is because 904 grade liners use a thicker, more durable grade stainless in order to withstand the higher temperatures of wood, coal and solid fuel fires.

Flue liner cost calculator

Once you’ve established the diameter, length and grade of liner you require, it’s time to buy one.

So, how much will you be paying?

The calculation that gives you the cost of your flue liner is as follows:

Grade of liner + length required + diameter of liner = cost

Depending on the type of liner you require, you should expect to pay between £18 and £80 per metre.

Guide - for more information on fitting a chimney liner yourself, read our guide on how to fit a chimney liner.

How much does it cost to have a chimney liner fitted by a professional?

What should you expect to pay if you want a professional to fit your new chimney liner on your behalf?

The answer varies depending on where you are based on the UK, the time of year and the amount of demand that local construction professionals are experiencing. 

However, at the time of writing (March 2022), the average cost of having a professional fit a chimney liner in your home is between £180 to £250 per day.

It can take between one and three days to install a chimney liner depending on the size and complexity of your chimney.

Remember, that in addition to the construction professional’s labour time, you’ll have to factor in other costs too. We’ve given you an idea of these in the table below:

Materials and labourCost
Labour time£180 to £250 per day
Chimney liner£18 to £80 per metre (depending on length, diameter and grade)
Cherry picker hire cost£225 to £595 per day (depending on size and type of cherry picker required)

As you can see, having a chimney liner fitted on your behalf can be an affordable job. It always means you avoid the hassle of having to do it yourself.

Whether you are going to install your chimney liner yourself, or will be hiring a builder to do it for you, there is an especially important point that you need to be aware of - chimney flue liner price vs quality.

Chimney flue liner price v quality

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is never more true than when it refers to chimney liners.

Sure, we all like a bargain, but when it comes to chimney flue liners, you absolutely cannot skimp. Flue liners are an important part of your chimney’s safety - so don’t cut corners on the cost of your liner.

With the rise of online marketplaces such as, and others, we are seeing an influx of cheap, generic flue liners into the UK market.

Do not buy these generic flue liners.

At Trade Price Flues, all of our chimney flue liners are manufactured here in the UK and are tested to European Norm (EN) standards.

All of our chimney flue liners are also fire rated to the appropriate temperature, and feature extensive no quibble guarantees (up to 30 years depending on the exact flue liner).

Don’t rely on cost per metre

It can be tempting to compare cost per metre when shopping around for chimney liners.

But, we’d advise against it.

Cost per metre doesn’t give you a complete picture of the quality and durability of a chimney liner.

It’s much more sustainable and better value to look at the cost of a chimney liner over its lifetime.

For example, if you buy a liner from us here at Trade Price Flues, then you’ll benefit from a lengthy no-quibble guarantee (up to 30 years depending on the type of flue).

That’s years and years of having a safe, guaranteed chimney liner.

On the other hand, you could buy a cheap, generic liner which could be unsafe, fail within only a few years and which ultimately won’t offer the sort of guarantees and back up that you’ll get from reputable flue liner suppliers such as ourselves.

Like we said earlier - you get what you pay for! Cheap liner deals may be tempting, but they’ll cost you more in the long run.

How to buy the correct chimney flue liner for you at Trade Price Flues

Hopefully we’ve made a strong enough case that you’ll want to buy your chimney liner from a reputable supplier such as Trade Price Flues.

So, if you want to buy a liner from us, how do you do it?

Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: solid fuel liner or oil/gas liner?

Do you have an open fireplace or stove which burns solid fuels? Or do you have a gas or oil fired appliance?

Depending on which type of fireplace you have, select the relevant option on our main navigation bar:

Step 2: select the correct diameter flue

Once you’ve navigated to the correct section for your particular fireplace/appliance, you’ll be presented with a drop down ‘mega menu’.

If you are just buying an individual flue liner, then the next step is to click on the correct diameter as illustrated below:

Step 3: selecting the exact liner

Once you’ve selected your required diameter, you’ll be presented with a screen displaying the different flue liner options available to you. Many of these options are based on the different grades available (e.g. 904 or 316):

Step 4: Select the liner length

The final step is to select the exact length of the liner. This is done via a drop down box within the product description (see arrow in the illustration below).

You’ll see that the price of the flue liner changes depending on the length you select. That’s because we price our flue liners per metre.

On many Trade Price Flues chimney liners, you also have the option to make your order into a ‘liner pack’. This means that your liner also comes bundled with additional parts such as a flue adapter and chimney hanger.

Once you’ve selected the length of your chimney liner, simply click the orange ‘add to cart’ button and you’ll be able to make your purchase (or carry on and add further products to your cart).

Note - you’ll benefit from free delivery if your total order comes to more than £150.

We’re the home of chimney flue liners

We hope you’ve found our guide to the cost of fitting chimney flue liners useful and helpful.

As you can see above, here at Trade Price Flues we stock a huge variety of quality, long-lasting chimney flue liners.

So, if you’re after the very best flue liner for your home, shop with Trade Price Flues today.

Shop chimney flue liners at Trade Price Flues now

For more chimney and flue advice, read the Trade Price Flues blog

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