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Lead Flashings

Lead Flashings

There are a few different types of flashing to choose from when fitting your twin wall flue system - one of which is lead roof flashing. Flashing is essential for providing a watertight seal where your roof meets your chimney, so it’s important that you get a top quality product for the job.

Here at Trade Price Flues, we have a quality range of lead roof flashing available to suit a number of needs. With options to install to both flat roofs and angled roofs, the lead sheet is also malleable to be able to mould to a tiled roof, too. We also have a choice of matt black and stainless steel storm collars, so you can ensure your lead roof flashing looks attractive up on your chimney!

If you have a corrugated roof, or need more flexibility for your roof flashing, take a look at our flexible roof flashings.