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Chimney Fans

Chimney Fans

Do you want your stove or fireplace to be easier to light, more efficient, produce less smoke and have a strong draw, even during windy weather conditions? One of our chimney fans could be just what you need.

Fitting an extraction fan for your stove is both easy and effective. By attaching it to the top of your chimney or twin wall flue, you can simply switch your fan on with a remote control and smoke will quickly be drawn upwards - ideal if you struggle with smoke backing out into your living room. Alternatively, a wall mounted fan is also an option.

So, whether you want a fan for a twin wall flue system, a gas fireplace or even a pizza oven, you're sure to find it online today at Trade Price Flues. Feel free to contact us if you need any further help!

Please note the minimum lead time for these products is 2 weeks.