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What diameter liner do I need?

For wood burning stoves that have a 5" or 6" outlet, the minimum diameter of flue liner required would be 6", unless the stove has a 5" outlet and is DEFRA approved when a 5" liner can be installed.

How do I measure my chimney, so I know how many metres I need to purchase?

To do this we would recommend getting your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep and explaining to the sweep that you need to know how tall your chimney is before they start the sweep, They can do this by counting the number of rods they use to carry out the sweep. It is recommended that your chimney is swept before any installation begins, so having the sweep do both will cut out the guess work and could save you ££££!!!

If you purchase a flue liner and on installation you find it is too short you would be forced to buy a new liner at the correct length as you cannot “join” liners together.


Do you offer a fitting service?

Unfortunately we only supply the materials, however you can find a HETAS registered fitter in your local area at 


Is it possible to install the flue liner / twin wall system myself?

It is possible for you to carry out the install yourself, however you must abide to UK building Regulations, Document J and have a building control officer inspect / sign off the work.

We would recommend getting in contact with building control before you carry out any works, to make sure you are compliant.

Are your Prices VAT inclusive?

Yes, all prices you see include VAT.

Can I join a liner together if I cut to fit around a bend in a chimney?

It's not common practice.

How do I return an item?

If you'd like to return an item, please contact us ASAP. You'll then be sent a returns form to fill out.

My order has been completed but I have not received my item?

Orders are marked as "completed" once they have been despatched. 

There aren't any arrows on my flue?

The liner is multi-directional, so you can fit it any way you like.

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?

Yes, standard carriage terms.

How do I measure the diameter of the Twin Wall?

All measurements need to be taken from the inner circumference, not the outer.