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Flexible Roof Flashings

Flexible Roof Flashings

If you are installing a twin wall flue system, you will need to think about roof flashings. Chimney flashing is used to create a watertight connection at the joint where the roof meets the chimney. This stops rain from seeping through any gaps which could create damp problems.

For twin wall flues, flexible roof flashings are a great option. Made from a sheet of stainless steel, they seal the flue into place with a flexible base and a silicone cone to allow the pipe to pass through. For tiled or slate roof types, we have high quality stainless steel Nulead flashing, while even corrugated roofs can make use of our EPDM flashing. Suitable for roof slopes of up to 45 degrees, prepare your chimney and roof with flashing from Trade Price Flues.