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Masonry Barbecue Side Table

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  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
  • Masonry Barbecue Side Table
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Masonry barbecue, not just modern architecture for your garden but also a great cooking experience!

Masonry barbecues have a contemporary white & grey colour scheme of sealed white limestone for the main structure with contrasting black cast cement flue perfect for use with charcoal or firewood. These barbecues include a metal firebox, with a steel grill (the grill has 4 height settings) and granite tiles behind and below the firebox to protect from overheating.

They look great in any garden for years, and if the barbecue’s appearance becomes “weathered”, it can be easily cleaned and refreshed with a jet wash.

Suitable for use with wood and charcoal.


Please place your order now to avoid disappointment as we are working on a first come first served basis and they are selling fast. Please note demand is extremely high and we cannot guarantee delivery dates.


Conditions of use:

We cannot control or regulate the temperature that you use your BBQ, therefore we can offer no warranty on this product.

The granite tiles around the firebox will crack if you over heat your BBQ. The BBQ itself may discolour, crack or warp if you over heat the BBQ it will also discolour, crack or warp if you use the wrong fuel or use wet, green wood that is not suitable. You must use dry or kiln dried seasoned wood for cooking and heating or charcoal, do not use smokeless fuel or house coal.

Cooking temperatures are no different to a conventional oven, so there is no need to have the BBQ roaring or out of control.

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Dimensions / Specifications

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