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Woodford Didsbury 5 Wood Burning Stove

Woodford Didsbury 5 Wood Burning Stove

Designed and manufactured to exceed all current EcoDesign legislation, the Woodford Didsbury 5 is a highly-efficient wood burning stove that’ll not only provide plenty of heat, but will do so in a way that cuts your fuel bills. 

Thanks to its thick gauge steel body and cast iron door, the Didsbury 5 has a traditional look and feel, yet thanks to its clean burn technology it is at the cutting edge of wood burners. 

It has a huge viewing glass, which will provide you with a fantastic view of the fire within. Plus, that view won’t ever be obscured thanks to the stove’s in-built air wash, which is designed to ensure the stove glass remains crystal clear. 

The Didsbury 5 - as the name suggests - has a heat output of 5kW which is enough to keep medium to large size rooms cosy warm on even the coldest of winter days. It produces that heat with a net efficiency of 84.5% meaning your firewood will go so much further. 

This log burner is also available with an optional multi fuel kit, so that it can be used with other solid fuels such as charcoal, peat and eco-coals.

The Didsbury 5 is also available as a ‘basic pack’ which includes a chimney flue liner, stove pipe and other installation essentials as well as the log burner itself.

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