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Wall or Top-Mounted Concentric Chimney Fan

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  • Wall or Top-Mounted Concentric Chimney Fan
  • Wall or Top-Mounted Concentric Chimney Fan
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Please note the minimum lead time for this product is 2 weeks.

1 x 230V, 0.4A

This exodraft chimney fan is suitable for gas stoves and small gas fireplaces. The fan has a built-in fail-safe system consisting of a pressure differential switch and a flow measuring system. The fail-safe system complies with BS5440: 2000 Part 1 and BS6644:1991.

The fan is mounted on top of the chimney and provides a controllable negative pressure in the flue and chimney. The fan has a horizontal discharge and can withstand temperatures up to 200 °C at the flue exit or chimney top. The TPFRHGC160 fan guarantees optimum draught irrespective of the placement, dimensions or height of the chimney which is beneficial to new or existing installations. The fan must be connected to an exodraft control type TPFEFC.

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