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Buying Guide for Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters

Buying Guide for Outdoor Gas Patio Heaters

We all love sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air - but, how do you make the most of it when temperatures start to fall? An outdoor patio heater could be the answer!

Perfect for dining terraces or outdoor bars, we’ve recently put together a range of some of the best outdoor gas heaters for those who want to enjoy sitting outside year round.

Not sure if they are right for you? Read our guide to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about outdoor patio heaters...

What is the Most Efficient Patio Heater?

There are three main options you can choose from when buying an outdoor patio heater.

They are:

- Gas patio heaters

- Electric patio heaters

- Solid fuel patio heaters

So, what’s the best outdoor heater for your needs?

Gas patio heaters are one of the most popular choices, especially for dining terraces. They are often the most impressive to look at, as many of them have a real flame that adds to the ambience of al fresco living.

But, there is one commonly asked question about them; just how efficient are gas patio heaters? Are they better than electric heaters?

As they need more fuel to power them, gas patio heaters are better suited to commercial environments, such as pubs and restaurants. Gas heaters can take longer to heat up and often come with a higher running cost than an electric heater. However, once you get them going, they can produce a wider area of heat coverage.

As for solid fuel heaters, such as fire pits, these can be a lovely option for back gardens. Keeping a cosy fire going in your garden is perfect for cooling evenings, though they can provide unpleasant smoke which isn’t great for dining aorund. See our range of leisure flues if you need some help venting your solid fuel patio heater.

Electric patio heaters have the benefit of being quick and easy to install, along with being cheap to run. This makes them good for back gardens or very small areas, but the direct heat they produce makes them less efficient for larger areas. So long as you can move your gas cylinder, gas heaters are often more portable too, as you don’t need to keep yourself in range of a power socket or wiring.

How Does a Gas Patio Heater Work?

Gas patio heaters usually run off LPG gas, such as propane or butane. To run one, you will need to buy the correct cylinder of gas and ensure it is safely connected to your patio heater.

Remember, carbon monoxide is very dangerous, so make sure you know what you are doing - a gas leak can be fatal.

Many of today’s gas patio heaters come with a simple ignition switch that lights the flame. Some might also still use a pilot light. Either way, once the flame is properly lit, gas heaters emit radiant heat into the atmosphere. Unlike convection heat, which simply blows warm air, radiant heat provides a stronger, more direct heat source - just like sitting in the sun!

Can You Use a Patio Heater Under a Covered Patio?

Using a patio heater in a covered patio can be a great idea. When used with a covering, shelter or windbreak, the heat produced can’t escape as easily, helping to retain some warmth for you or your guests.

That being said, there are some important safety measures you must follow when using a gas patio heater to ensure it is safe to use under a covered area. Due to the risks of gas leaks, your covered patio or terrace must be properly ventilated, with at least one side completely uncovered - though always follow the recommendations of your particular heater.

Gas patio heaters also need more clearance space than electric heaters would. This is down to the flame inside them that needs to be kept a safe distance away from combustibles - including any roof covering. Using a fire-resistant material for your patio covering is also a sensible measure to take.

So, just to reiterate, always check the safety requirements of your gas patio heater and act with caution before you decide to use it under a covered patio.

Do Patio Heaters Work in the Winter?

Patio heaters can work in the winter, but of course this depends on how cold it is, the heat output of your heater and how many heaters you have.

While in autumn months, a patio heater can produce enough heat to cosy up with and enjoy a drink or meal, freezing temperatures might be too much for them to handle.

To make the most of your patio or terrace during winter, work out how many patio heaters you would need to provide heat coverage for the full area. If it’s safe to do so, place it under a canopy to help retain some heat, or use a windbreak to provide shelter from cold gusts.

One of the benefits of gas patio heaters is they can simply make a space appear more cosy, too! Providing a warm glow and flickering light, enjoying a hot coffee under a chunky blanket is all the more enjoyable when sat next to a patio heater!

What is the Best Outdoor Patio Heater to Buy?

Looking for a gas patio heater heater for your outdoor space?

Take a look at the best outdoor patio heaters you can buy online with Trade Price Flues…

Gas Patio Heater - Black: £899.00

Black gas patio heater

This gas patio heater is sure to bring some style to your outdoor area! With a heat output of up to 8.2kW, this impressive design is perfect for dining terraces, boasting sleek black casing and a stunning flame display for a cosy ambience.

Buy Black Gas Patio Heater

Mini Patio Heater - White: £799.00

Small white gas patio heater

Short on space? Not to worry! Our gas patio heater also comes in this smaller size while still offering up to 8.2kW of heat! Like its larger version, it boasts a four-sided flame display that warms and lights the surrounding area, along with a a beautiful sleek design that will elevate your terrace beautifully.

Buy Mini Patio Heater White

Umbrella Gas Patio Heater - Black: £723.99

Umbrella gas outdoor patio heater

This umbrella design gas patio heater is sure to make a real focal point! Not only does it look good, but it can also throw out up to 12 kW of heat, helping to keep your terrace nice and warm on chiller days. With a four-sided display, you can really make the most of your patio space with this heater.

Buy Umbrella Gas Patio Heater

See more of our commercial patio heaters online today!

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